Richard C.

I have had a great deal of experience with acupuncture practitioners over the past 15 years or so. To call Joe Clarke an expert practitioner barely scratches the surface. His  authentic confidence and intuition allows him to build upon an obvious breadth of knowledge. Joe has helped me overcome ailments that are both chronic and acute. I’m constantly amazed at his ability. Joe encourages a true doctor/patient relationship.  This leaves me with a feeling of empowerment; I have a stake in my own recovery. 
He knows exactly the right treatment for the right reasons and I have absolute trust in him–that trust is something that I rarely give to most people, let alone practitioners. Whatever your experience with acupuncture may be, prepare for it to change in a most meaningful way once you meet Joe. He is a rare blend of intellect, dignity and compassion. He has been a huge reason why I remain healthy and well. If all this is not reason enough to make an appointment as soon as possible, consider this: he provides undeniable results that most medical doctors couldn’t approach.

Richard C. , Comprehensive Wellness Client