Lauri M.

Elysia Life Care’s Detox Cleanse provided everything I could possibly ask for in a month-long cleanse program:  Helpful, detailed information and guidelines; thoughtful, easy-to-understand instructions and recipes; an interactive group support structure; high quality, all-natural supplements; and classes and workshops on nutrition for optimal health, food combinations, and sensitivities, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, and yoga — all included in the more-than-reasonable price.

Elysia’s integrative medicine healthcare practitioners (Maria, Carla, Joe, and George) each shared their expertise, personal experiences, and perspectives on the food-health connection and why a detox-cleanse could be a life-changing experience.  The month began with an informational meeting to explain the approach and reasons for gradually eliminating foods that commonly cause reactions or sensitivities in the body.

The group support structure proved especially helpful as the comprehensive program progressed and we shared our experiences during weekly meetings and classes.  Each participant’s individual needs and challenges were addressed with care and thoughtful consideration.

Throughout the process, Elysia’s professionals were encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and fun — I felt completely supported in every way.  I’m looking forward to participating in future Detox Cleanse programs and highly recommend it, as well as Elysia’s other healthcare services (acupuncture, naturopathic-integrative medicine, herbal care, and yoga care).  Thank you, Elysia Life Care, for a very positive, healing, and beneficial life-changing experience!

Lauri M. , Detox Program