Julia C.

I have been seeing Joseph Clarke for acupuncture treatments for a year now and I can say with certainty and deep appreciation that he is the most gifted healer I have ever met.  I’ve been using acupuncture as my primary form of healthcare since 2006 and I’ve learned that consistency is key to seeing results. Traditional Chinese Medicine works *with* the body’s own healing energy so results are profound and lasting. I make sure to tell friends who are new to acupuncture to not expect the quick, superficial fixes (and usually temporary) they are accustomed to in Western medicine. I suggest they give it at least three visits to see results. That said, with Joe I saw changes immediately. I’d seen other wonderful practitioners for insomnia and while their treatments helped, no one went to the root of the issue like Joe. He has a vast tool-kit. He wastes no time. And it will not come as a surprise to anyone who has had even one treatment with him that he has a background in Psychology too. Again, he is a healer in the truest sense of the word. 

Additionally, Joe infuses his practice with great compassion and presence. I always feel more present just by sharing the same space. His treatments are never predictable – he always chooses what you need at that moment. You can also count on him to do research on your condition which he then incorporates into your next treatment. This is patient-centered care at its best. 

Julia C. , Functional Medicine Client