I remember when I was a child, going to the doctor’s office was one of my least favorite things to do. I still don’t like it. However, if that doctor is Carla Vidor, it’s a different story. I’m physically quite active and pretty much a knothead–I overdo it, go past what common sense dictates and wind up with various injuries. My current injury is a pulled groin, and these things usually take many months to heal. It got so bad one day that I could barely walk without excruciating pain. When I arrived at her office, I was in a bad way, was considering contacting my primary care physician for some kind of a localized painkilling injection. Carla put me on the table and proceeded to work her magic. She “needled” me up, turned on the heat lamp, then darkened the room and left me to rest for nearly an hour. In just a minute or so, I was dead asleep and didn’t awaken until she returned. The pain was gone, although if I deliberately pressed on the injury, it would let me know that there was more work to be done. However, I could now walk with no pain or “splinting”, and that in itself was a miracle. Carla gave me some exercises to do at home and some pressure points to stimulate healing. She also made me promise to back off and give it time to heal, while showing me how to modify some of my daily activities to further facilitate healing. Instead of being down for six months, I’m well on my way to recovery in less than one. I really look forward to visiting her now because honestly, I am never as relaxed and comfortable as I am while on her table–it is such an incredibly rejuvenating experience. I’ve talked to others who have been worked on by Carla and we all agree–she knows what she’s doing, goes the extra mille to research all the options, and is as kind and compassionate a healer as I have ever met.

-GG , Web Client