G. G.

As a working mother of two children (and two dogs!) ~ Elysia Life Care is my private oasis and sanctuary within the noise of the City. My sessions there help to clear away the distractions and fluctuations from my fast-paced life and always bring me back to a place of wellness, calm, ease and peace.

I have been honored to work with Joseph Clarke at Elysia. Joseph is as compassionate, kind, highly attuned to his clients, as he is strong — in that he is focused and deliberate with his intent to guide people towards Mastery in their lives. Joseph is so grounded and calm himself (from years of his own spiritual practice) that simply being in his presence brings greater serenity. In just a few months of treatments at Elysia Life Care, I have already received numerous gifts of self awareness and wisdom and I look forward to continuing my work in this little gem within the City.

G. G. , Acupuncture Client