We believe in the power of yoga to not only make the body more fit and flexible but also to heal. We offer individualized yoga sessions so that each person gets hands-on attention and a practice tailored to their specific needs.

We also offer small group workshops and specialty classes with a maximum of 8 students to ensure each student is appropriately care for and given the modifications necessary to be able to participate in the entire class. Our teachers are skilled enough to challenge both advanced and beginner practitioners. We look forward to understanding your goals so that we can tailor a program to help you achieve them.

Studies on the Clinical Efficacy of Yoga


Efficacy of yoga for depressed postpartum women: A randomized controlled trial

Yoga and meditation for menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors—A randomized controlled trial

The Effectiveness of Yoga for Clinical Depression

Yoga Enhances Positive Psychological States in Young Adult Musicians

Yoga-enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy (Y-CBT) for anxiety management: a pilot study