What is herbal medicine?

The effective use of herbs in Asian Medicine has been documented and refined for over 4000 years. The years of accumulated knowledge has identified particular roots, bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, and in some instances, animal products, that can be employed to treat a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

Herbal Medicine at Elysia

At Elysia Life Care, we offer a fully stocked modern apothecary of herbs in capsule, powder, or liquid form. We are passionate about and place the utmost importance on the quality of the herbs, and are constantly seeking the most pure and potent sources.  At a minimum, we use only the highest quality herbs sourced from companies who have passed USDA and internationally rigorous testing standards and inspection processes for sourcing and manufacturing practices.

From this supply, we are able to recommend particular herbs and and combinations of herbs for our patients based on their unique needs.

We create:

  • customized tinctures
  • customized herbal formulas
  • customized tonic herbal formulas
  • premade capsules and tablets

To get your own custom tincture or formula, set up an appointment with us. If you have any questions about herbal medicine, feel free to give us a call at (424) 744-8366.

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Benefits of Herbal Medicine

When properly sourced, formulated and administered, tailored herbal care can support the immune system, strengthen muscles and bones, and stimulate the healing of damaged tissue.

Herbs can support endocrine function, which can boost fertility, help in conditions like painful periods and the absence of periods, and manage changes in the second stage of life for women.

If the body is depleted from stress, age, or other conditions, strengthening through the proper use of tonic formulas is one of the best ways to replenish reserves and build vitality. For acute conditions, like bacterial or viral infections, formulas that assist the immune system and address the symptoms are recommended for short periods.

In some instances studies support that herbal care can help the body manage the side effects of Western treatments.

In addition to these and other benefits, medicinal herbs have also been used to:

  • improve vision
  • improve digestion
  • improve concentration and memory
  • aid in the management of physical, emotional, and mental stress