The goal of Elysia Life Care’s Functional Medicine Program is to identify and treat potential causes of disease in each patient. We accomplish this through specialized nutritional assessments that then inform the creation of personalized plans.

Nutritional Assessments

Through research and clinical experience, we’ve found that many patients with chronic conditions have underlying nutritional deficiencies. Every tissue needs specific nutrients to heal and regenerate, and, given a person’s unique genetic makeup or diet, they may be lacking the adequate nutrients for important bodily tissue function.

For each patient in our Functional Medicine and Nutrition Program, we run thorough labs to determine deficiencies and dysfunction. Then, we combine integrative and mainstream research to guide the creation of individualized nutritional protocols.

Elysia Life Care offers the following Nutritional Assessments:

  • Functional Blood Chemistry
  • Saliva Testing
  • Gastrointestinal Health Panel

Read more about these assessments below, or schedule an appointment to visit our Santa Monica center and learn your nutritional deficiencies and disorders.

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Functional Blood Chemistry

Functional Blood Chemistry (FBC) is preventative medicine at its best. FBC can detect inflammation and subclinical conditions before the arrival of acute symptoms. The “reference ranges” in conventional blood work are often based on a bell curve of the US population—which the World Health Organization continually rates as having one of the lowest general health indexes of any industrialized nation.

“Functional Ranges” indicate a healthy range which is determined by modern research (as opposed to the bell curve of the US population). This is crucial, as many health problems can be prevented or resolved with nutrition, natural medicine and early detection.

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing can give us valuable information into how well the body is functioning. It does not require a blood draw, and there are no risks to patients. Saliva collections are convenient and can be taken at work or at home.

One of the advantages of saliva testing lies in its ability to determine the level of “free hormones” in the body. As opposed to protein-bound hormones, free hormones are considered to be the active components in body function. With an accuracy of 92-96%, saliva testing is more accurate than blood testing in determining free hormone concentration.

Hormone production is the natural method by which endocrine glands control much of the body’s function. When their function is weakened or increased, it disturbs the body’s balance and function. Appropriate testing of hormone levels can identify these disturbances and provide bases for remedy.

Adrenal Stress Index

The adrenal gland does not secrete its steroid hormones at a constant level throughout the day. Rather, they are released in a cycle known as the circadian rhythm. Abnormal rhythms can have a detrimental influence on many functions of the body including: energy production, muscle and joint function, bone health, immune health, sleep quality, skin regeneration, thyroid function, grain intolerance, and stress response.

Through saliva testing, such abnormal rhythms can be detected and remedied to help re-establish and maintain full, healthy body function and vitality.

Gastrointestinal Health Panel

The risk of being infected or infested by pathogenic organisms through food and water is ever-increasing. This increase is due to a variety of factors, including: frequent overseas travel, poor hygiene of food handlers, consumption of raw foods, outdoor excursions, agricultural pollution, and pets at home.

Elysia’s gastrointestinal health panel includes pathogen screening for bacteria, fungi, yeast and various parasites, and indicators to evaluate gastrointestinal health. Stool testing can also be crucial to assess the root cause of chronic, recurrent, inflammatory digestive disorders.

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