In order to build lives of vitality and resilience in today’s world, we are required to continuously adapt to the increasing demands placed on our bodies. These demands come in the form of increased pollution in our air, water, and food supply, and the ensuing toxins and stress they create in our biological systems.

In addition, the inevitable stress from the fast pace of modern urban living can leave a lasting impression on our mental and emotional states, which effects our overall well-being.

Elysia Life Care’s Detox & Reboot Program addresses both external and internal challenges in today’s climate.

External Vs. Internal Toxicity

External exposure is in the form of pollutants that saturate the environment. Internal toxicity is the result of metabolic waste products that build up because of a weakness in the body’s ability to effectively filter these substances.

Internal toxicity can also result from an excess of unreleased toxic emotions and emotionally-charged memories that can leave a lasting impression on the body’s internal systems. Our detox & reboot program addresses all levels of potential toxicity.

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Program Keys

  • dietary support of the body’s innate detox systems
  • an emphasis on whole foods and elimination of potential dietary triggers
  • lifestyle practices that support detox
  • elimination of toxics through our detox organs with homeopathy
  • support of liver detox pathways
  • meditation lectures/retreat
  • detox yoga class

What To Expect

  • One month of a healthy, nutritious, cleansing diet with meal plans and recipes
  • Education on nutrition, health, and how to maintain this new lifestyle
  • Strong community support
  • More focus, greater clarity and a renewed commitment to taking charge of your most important asset: your personal health

For more details, visit Elysia Life Care’s wellness center in Santa Monica or give us a call at (424)744-8366.


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