Acupuncture at Elysia Life Care is just one part of a tradition of “whole person” medicine. We consider it our secret weapon. What sets us apart is how we incorporate acupuncture into an informed strategy for each patient to achieve comprehensive wellness. At Elysia, every acupuncture session can involve different placement of needles, as determined by our knowledge of each patient’s unique and changing needs. The goal is to focus on building your health—not merely treating sickness.

“Waiting to visit your doctor until you are sick, is like starting to dig a well when you are thirsty.”



Western medicine acknowledges that there are electrical currents that traverse the body.  These electrical currents are evidenced by readings on an electrocardiogram or when the electrical activity of nerves is measured. Acupuncture is simply a way to influence the flow of these electrical currents. 

In Chinese medical theory, these electrical pathways, also known as meridians, are highways of communication between different parts of the body.  When there is a blockage in the flow of energy—be it from stress, physical or emotional trauma and/or injury—the meridians become congested and we feel tension, pain or other symptoms. By removing the obstacles that impede the flow of function, a proper acupuncture treatment guides the body to repair itself.



Though Western science does not yet understand the mechanism, there are numerous studies and thousands of years of documentation in support of acupuncture’s efficacy. It should come as no surprise that awareness of acupuncture, and its ability to address numerous conditions treatable by western medicine, is growing.

To the western-trained mind it may seem strange, but through the knowledgable insertion of needles the body can access its natural ability to:

  • resist infection
  • achieve higher and higher degrees of function
  • change states of pain
  • improve physical, mental, and digestive energy
  • maintain a state of balance
  • from a state of balance, experience greater choice in one’s emotional responses to the world

As a working mother of two children (and two dogs!) ~ Elysia Life Care is my private oasis and sanctuary within the noise of the City.  (more…)

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As a student of Chinese medicine, I have experienced a wide variety of acupuncture treatments.  I have been a patient of Joe Clarke for nearly a year now and I am very proud and excited to be seeing him at Elysia.  (more…)

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I wanted to tell u that that was the best acupuncture session I've had. (more…)

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Acupuncture is a modality designed to address all aspects of health, and is recognized by western medical studies to help with the following:

  • Pain: acute and subacute, injuries, sciatica, arthritis, postoperative recovery
  • Eye, ear, nose, throat disorders ​such as sinusitis, allergies
  • Gastrointestinal disorders ​such as irritable bowel disorder, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, gastritis
  • Gynecological disorders ​such as PMS, painful or irregular menses, endometriosis, menopause, fibroids, morning sickness, infertility
  • Immune disorders ​such as chronic fatigue, lupus, MS, Hashimotos, Crohn’s
  • Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, acne
  • Circulatory disorders (such as high blood pressure)
  • Addictions ​smoking, alcohol and others
  • Emotional and Psychological disorders ​such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress
  • Neurological: heachaches, dizziness, vertigo, shingles
  • Chronic degenerative disease ­diabetes, heart disease
  • Pediatric conditions: ­allergies, asthma, eczema, cough, immune and digestive functioning
  • Oncology: ​side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy



The answer: at any time. Though it can be used to treat many symptoms and ailments, here at Elysia, we believe in the use of acupuncture to help maintain and build health.

Occasionally, people try out acupuncture after unsuccessful resolution (or accidental mis-treatment) of a previous affliction. Another common introduction is through curiosity, “I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture, but I have nothing wrong with me.”

In truth, everyone can benefit from acupuncture. Schedule an appointment to start harnessing the power of this ancient practice for your own health and longevity.