Comprehensive Wellness

Our agreement to you is to support you on your journey to become as healthy as you can be. Elysia’s wellness program is designed to help you foster a commitment to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

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Detox and Reboot

Today’s world requires that we continuously adapt to the increasing demands placed on our bodies if we are to live a life filled with vitality and resilience. These demands come in the form of increasing pollution in our air, water,and food supply.

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Facial Acupuncture Program

We believe that beauty comes from within and that healthy lifestyle and self-care rituals are the key to preserving our natural essence and therefore slowing the aging process. In our constitutional facial acupuncture package you get so much more then just reduced lines and wrinkles.

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The awareness of acupuncture, and its ability to address multiple conditions treatable by western medicine, is growing.

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Herbal Medicine

Refined and documented over time, the detailed use of medicinal herbs in Asian Medicine can be traced back over 4000 years.  Properly sourced, formulated and administered, tailored herbal care can support your immune system, strengthen muscles and bones and stimulate the healing of damaged tissue.

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We believe in the power of yoga to not only make the body more fit and flexible but also to heal.

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Reproductive Health & Fertility

The journey to motherhood begins with the desire to start a family.

Fertility is not just about achieving the goal of carrying a pregnancy but also about connecting back to spirit so that our body can manage all the ups, the downs and the unknowns of our own path.

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Longevity Care

Asian medicine, with its historical roots in the Daoist movement, was designed to care for life over the longterm. (more…)