Vessel Studio worked closely with Elysia LifeCare to establish a brand identity parallel to the company’s ethos.  By blending ancient holistic practices with modern technologies in life care, Elysia strives to provide a clean, healthy and informed practice and it’s space demanded the same. 

Vessel Studio built upon the “Ancient Wisdom | Modern Innovation” motto by incorporating our vision for an apothecary inspired reception area.  This demanded ample shelving for plant based botanicals, tinctures and formulas while preserving space for display and information.  We felt that a chalkboard painted backdrop would be a good start to designing the display wall that balanced itself between utility and display, similar to ancient apothecary design imagery.

The balance of the space in the clinic relies on the natural light which floods each space in different ways, allowing each treatment room to be a unique environment unto itself and providing their clientele with a varying experience each time the visit.

The space mirrors the experience Elysia strives to provide; a simple, elegant and clean embodiment what what a healthy lifestyle can provide.