Constitutional Facial Acupuncture is the method we employ in our Facial Acupuncture Program. Created by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M., of Chi-Akra Center, it is a safe, painless and effective treatment for renewing the face as well as the entire body. It’s possible to erase fine lines, reduce deep lines, and firm bags around the neck and eyes. It involves the placement of fine needles on various acupuncture points around the face, neck and eyes to stimulate the body’s natural energies, or Qi. The process empowers the face to lift itself, and the stimulation of blood has the added benefit of improving facial color.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™ is non-invasive, less costly than surgical procedures, and draws upon the ancient Chinese wisdom related to longevity, beauty and balance.



  • Improves acne (caused by hormonal imbalance)
  • Helps menopause, perimenopause, PMS and other GYN issues
  • Helps sinus congestion and headache
  • Improves hyper- and hypothyroidism
  • Reduces symptoms of toothache, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, and Bell’s palsy
  • Helps headaches (except severe migraine)
  • Treats diarrhea and constipation (most digestive issues)
  • Helps to eliminate edema and puffiness
  • Benefits eyes, ears and brain
  • Can help insomnia and dizziness
  • Helps depression and aids self-esteem


  • Improves collagen production and muscle tone
  • Helps reduce bags and sagging tendencies
  • Helps eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles
  • Helps reduce double chin and lift drooping eyelids
  • Improves metabolism
  • Tightens pores and brightens eyes
  • Increases local blood and lymph circulation
  • Improves facial color
  • Reduces stress and promotes total health and well-being

Is Facial Acupuncture for Everyone?

For the vast majority of prospective clients, constitutional facial acupuncture is a safe and beneficial treatment not only for prevention of wrinkles, but also the reversal of the customary signs of aging.


  • Severe high blood pressure (it is OK when the blood pressure is under control and the patient is seeing a medical doctor)
  • Severe migraines (if the patient is having a migraine only once every 3 months or so, they can receive facial acupuncture treatments)
  • Be aware that it takes a patient 3 weeks to recover from laser resurfacing on the face. Do not needle during that time; wait a week after microdermabrasion.

Do not perform during:

  • pregnancy;
  • colds or flu;
  • acute herpes outbreak; or
  • acute allergic reactions

In the latter 3 instances, the patient may receive a facial acupuncture treatment once the condition has passed.

How Long is the Treatment?

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™ involves the patient in an organic process, in which a series of treatments is necessary to achieve maximal effect. After the initial session, practitioner evaluates the patient’s response, and can then determine the number of follow-up visits that will be required. After this evaluation—and taking into consideration other variables such as stress, diet, lifestyle, genetic inheritance, proper digestion / elimination, sleep, emotional balance, and age—it is common to prescribe between 12 and 15 treatments. For smokers and/or people who’s skin tends to sag  (i.e. manifesting jowls, “turkey wattles,” droopy eyes, etc.), it is more common to prescribe 20 treatments or more.

It should be noted that age is not as crucial as might be estimated; an older patient with a healthy lifestyle may in fact have a better prognosis than a younger person who is prone to dissipate themselves.

Treatment Timeline:

  • 2 times a week (if possible), for 45 minutes to 1 hour; or
  • 1 treatment per week, 90 minutes

Maintenance Treatments:

Within the normal parameters of aging, the completion of a series of treatments should be effective. To ensure the persistence of the results, ongoing maintenance treatments are recommended:

  • Every 2 weeks for 2 months following the completion of a treatment series, and then:
  • Once a month for an indefinite amount of time;

The patient can also embark upon a subsequent series after a week’s respite

The Use of Chinese Herbs

The Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™ treatment protocol incorporates Chinese herbal masks, poultices and moisturizers. Jade rollers, which enhance blood circulation, remove fine lines and age spots, and prevent premature aging, are used to massage moisturizer into the skin. The ancient empresses of China used jade as a precious stone to be worn not only around their necks, but also to attract yin and nourishment into their skin. The stone served a double purpose of promoting beauty and for “magical” protection.

Short and Long-Term Effects of Facial Acupuncture

After the first treatment, one usually observes an increased glow to the complexion, the result of increased Qi and blood flow to the face. The person’s face appears more “open,” there is a clarity in the eyes (“clear Shen”), and the patient appears to be more rested; wrinkles start to lessen and the skin appears more toned.

A significant difference in appearance can be ascertained following the 5th to 7th treatments. This can include even more marked changes in wrinkles and skin tone. The impression of relaxation and calm is more pronounced—as if the person has just returned from vacation. Lifting of the jowls, neck and the eyes has begun and is usually noticeable.

With continuing treatment, constitutional issues like digestive complaints have been ameliorated or subsided.

By the end of a series, the patient should look and feel anywhere from 5 to 15 years younger. These results may vary slightly, depending upon how well the patient has taken care of themselves during and after the process. At this stage, booster treatments provide ongoing support within a normal process of aging. 

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