Maria Villella L.Ac, Dipl OM, E-RYT 500

Maria Villella Maria’s journey towards becoming a clinician came about through her own quest to find health and live a life truly informed by the most current health information. As a new mother, Maria understands the challenges of living a busy life as a career woman, clinician, mother, wife, and a person with their own needs. She meets her patients where they are at, helping them to set realistic goals for themselves taking in to consideration all the moving parts in their life. Her compassionate, non-judgemental nature allows her clients to feel safe opening up to her so they can work together on their journey to thriving and optimal health. Her specialties include women’s health, digestion, thyroid, pain, chronic diseases and wellness. As a partner at Elysia Life Care wellness center in Santa Monica, CA, she has created programs to assist in reproductive health, detoxification, and general wellness. In her clinical practice, Maria emphasizes a proactive approach to health, informing clients about common myths and coaching them towards their own health truths.

Maria’s education is vast. She completed her master’s degree at Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, graduating summa cum laude. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) in the state of California and is nationally certified as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. She studied art and graduated cum laude from University of Buffalo with a BFA concentration in photography and a minor in Italian studies. Maria is registered through Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, the highest level of yoga certification, and has studied with many notable yoga teachers from all over the world. Having been featured in several media outlets including Yoga Journal, LA Yoga, Yoga Anytime and Yogic Life, Maria has been a leading voice in the yoga world for over a decade. You can view her Ashtanga and Prenatal yoga videos on www.yogaanytime.com and use the code MARIAV for 1 month free viewing.


Dr. Joseph Clarke L.Ac, DAOM, MTOM, Dipl of OM, CYT

Dr. Joseph ClarkeDoctor Joseph Clarke believes that our normal state of being is one of vibrancy and clarity. The key to achieving that state is in overcoming the daily stressors of contemporary society, along with the accompanying reactions and habits they provoke in us. 

To that end, Dr. Clarke’s approach is grounded in disrupting the negative stress patterns that speed up the aging of the mind and body and inhibit our natural ability to thrive. 

Combining the time-tested modalities of Eastern medicine with modern functional medicine, Dr. Clarke provides the knowledge and support for patients to take control of their health by making simple yet powerful changes to their daily habits. He supports that pursuit with a tailored regimen that may include detoxification, nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, brain and nervous system balancing, fitness and digestive optimization.

Dr. Clarke received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology at Boston University. He went on to obtain his Masters in Oriental Medicine (L.Ac., M.T.O.M.) from Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine—one of the most respected schools in the United States—graduating summa cum laude. This four-year degree gave him the foundation to treat patients using both Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Dr. Clarke is one of only a handful of acupuncturists in the country to earn his Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine- the highest level of training in both biomedicine and Oriental Medicine. In addition to his degrees, he also has advanced training in functional brain chemistry, advanced blood chemistry, and nutrition.


Dr. Carla Vidor, L.Ac, DAOM, FABORM

Dr. Carla Vidor Carla Vidor graduated from Barnard College with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She is a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine with a specialty degree in reproductive health from Yo San University. She is also a fellow of the American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

Her practice includes providing the physical, mental, and emotional support for men and women at all stages in their fertility journey, through pregnancy, postpartum, and during the second stage of a woman’s life. Her approach is gentle and informed, centered on trusting the body’s own inherent wisdom. With a dance background and a strong yoga practice, her first love was understanding the physical body.

Through the study of Chinese medicine and other Eastern practices, it is understood (in the allopathic model as well) that the physical body cannot be isolated from the endocrine, immune and neurological systems. Carla is passionate about understanding how these relationships influence reproductive outcomes in women and men trying to conceive or achieve their health goals. She is a faculty member at Yo San University’s doctoral program and an associate doctor at Millennium Health Centers where she collaborates with top endocrinologists and anti-aging specialists. She is co-founder of Mamma Qi a postpartum service for mothers based on the tradition of Sitting Month.


Janel Gehrke, LAc, MTOM — Management Consultant

Janel Gehrke Janel has a background in esthetics with advanced training in skin care from two prominent educational institutes in Canada. She has also studied psychology at an undergraduate level, and has most recently completed her Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine, graduating summa cum laude from one of the highest ranked schools in the country, Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Here at Elysia, Janel is overseeing the creation of our ground-breaking facial acupuncture program. Her work in developing a natural regimen for slowing down and reversing the aging process promises to create a safe, invaluable alternative to plastic surgery and costly supplements. Her guidance is helping us to transform the industry and help redefine concepts of what it takes to achieve beauty. 

Janel bases her approach to wellness on the concept that beliefs shape our experiences. She believes that, given the right tools, the body is capable of finding and maintaining balance. Breaking habits and patterns of behavior related to stress responses, nutrition, physical activity, and overall mindset allow the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself prevail. Janel uses her knowledge and experience in functional nutrition, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and herbal medicine as tools to help remind the body of what it is like to be “healthy,” thereby breaking negative patterns of behavior.

Janel has a passion for helping people find the most happy, healthy, and vibrant version of themselves. She believes how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world relate to an internal sense of well-being. If we see ourselves as stressed, aging, and burdened; we appear this way to others. If we feel beautiful, vibrant, and at peace; we engender this.