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Born and raised in the Philippines, Clarita Tano Zinatbakhsh grew up in the country, living on farms and eating food from the earth. She learned early on the importance of what goes inside your body and where it comes from. This sentiment has traveled with her throughout her life. Today, she lives in Los Angeles, California and works at a local farmers market, selling locally grown products that use no pesticides or chemicals.

Experience has taught Clarita the connection between eating healthy and the benefits of seeking relief of illnesses through eastern medicine. Prior to discovering acupuncture, Clarita was one of many people who sought out western remedies for illnesses and ailments. Working at a beauty shop in Bagiou City when she was young, Clarita found her immune system compromised from exposure to chemicals used in the shop. She suffered from chronic coughs and colds, which were treated with antibiotics following an impersonal visit with the doctor. As her conditions continued to worsen, so did the prescribing of antibiotics, only at higher doses. This vicious and expensive cycle continued leading to her feeling even worse with new symptoms, which included stomach pains similar to symptoms of an ulcer.

After years of coping with chronic illness and a weak immune system, Clarita began searching for other forms of medicine. She recalls to first being introduced to the benefits of Chinese Medicine and the use of herbs when a girlfriend of hers shared herbs with her while they were working at the beauty shop. Not only did Clarita feel better, but she noticed her friend’s parents and grandparents were healthy and looked incredible for their age, which further convinced her of their benefits.

Remembering this experience, along with her knowledge of holistic and herbal traditions, Clarita realized that there were options that could prevent her from having to put chemicals into her body. So she stopped taking antibiotics entirely and dedicated herself to a more holistic approach to all of her symptoms.


Clarita first experimented with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University. She connected with Dr. Vidor at the farmer’s market some years later where they would see each other frequently. The two became friends and upon learning of Dr. Vidor’s practice, Clarita finally asked Carla to be her doctor.

The two have been working together for over eight years now. Unlike the lack of intimacy often experienced with western medicine, eastern medicine relies heavily on the relationship that you develop when working together with your practitioner to sustainably solve one’s conditions. Dr. Vidor helps Clarita keep her immune system and physical body strong. Clarita works incredibly hard, waking up at 4:30 am most mornings and expends a lot of energy at the markets. The regular treatments help balance this energy-intensive lifestyle so she doesn’t run herself down. Now Clarita rarely gets sick and her white blood cells are in perfect range for the first time in years.Clarita credits the energetic connection she has with Dr. Vidor as an important component to her healing process. Of Dr. Vidor, Clarita says, “Carla is very sweet, that’s why i connect with her. I like her energy.”

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Story by Ruby Corley, Photos by James Branaman.