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During the seemingly late hours in which only artists and writers create magic, I had the pleasure of speaking with attuned musician, harmonious spirit and Topanga local, Joel Shearer. As we spoke about energy shifting, mindfulness and maintaining a continuous posture of growth and practice, I was gratefully aware of the years I’ve spent dancing through Los Angeles only hearing of Joel’s musical endeavors and running into him on occasion. So it came as a pleasant surprise to find that I was going to interview him about his connection to Elysia Life Care and the kindred nature that connects me with so many other like-minded people throughout Los Angeles.

How did you hear about Elysia, and when did you start going?

Though I had previously met Joe and Maria through mutual friends, my first real introduction to Elysia was through doing private sessions with George Falcon. My privates were Tuesday mornings at Elysia and initially I only went to see George. It wasn’t until I was invited to meet with Dr. Joe Clarke to collaborate on some music for Elysia’s new social media campaign when I was reintroduced to the amazing community there and started to work with Joe personally.

Was there anything specific that you were seeking to remedy at that time?

I was definitely “off” but not really anything that I was really conscious of but more some underlying imbalances that needed to be addressed and in my first meeting with Joe, I found there was a lot of work we could do.

How has it affected your life since you’ve been receiving treatments? What does that relief look and feel like to you?

Oh man, such a game changer. My life has improved immensely since starting treatments with Joe. For one, I am SO much more rooted or, grounded I should say, and for a high energy creative type like myself, it has really helped me to have a stable platform to leap from as opposed to the aimlessness I was more prone to run around with. My sleep, my mood, my energy have all become more balanced since treatments with Joe. We’ve worked on everything from getting grounded to surrender to back issues to reversing negative energetic blocks to unlocking creativity to me be rooted in my power so I can be better in my work. It’s not only actual physical ailments that have been dealt with but energetic imbalances too.

As a music producer and musician, are there any factors associated with the “music business” that fall out of line with the life style that Elysia encourages? Have there been any challenges, or things you haven’t wanted to give up?

Hell Yes!! For one, my hours don’t make sense to the outside world and travel is always hard on the body in general. Since starting my treatments with Elysia, I am more conscious of more my relationship with the way I interact with the world and even more, with myself. Joe teaches me to be an observer, not just a participant. That may not make sense but what I mean is, take time to step outside of the experience and watch what’s taking place. This enable us to make “conscious” choices how we choose to engage or not to. As well, the treatments are more involved than just someone shoving needles into you for 45 minutes and then you’re off to the races. With Joe, the work starts with a conversation and in that conversation we riff off each other and he gets a feel for what he needs to do and I get an understanding of what I need to do and then I get on the table. In regards to changes in my lifestyle or giving up something, I am already fairly conscious of the way I eat and what I put in my body so it’s not like I’m fighting some bad habits or addictions (though I did give up coffee thanks to Joe).  I am more reversing some negative patterns. Mostly in the way that I “think”.

Can you elaborate on some of the changes that you made as you’ve continued through the process of receiving treatment?

Mindfulness. I’m learning to be more mindful. There are mornings I come blazing into the office full of thoughts and anxiety and worry and when I leave, I am almost floating and in an incredibly present state. The work then is to try and either maintain that state or get back to it once I’ve aborted mission! It’s practice. Joe is like a trainer. He’s helping me get in the best shape of my life through learning to be more mindful, learning to trust and surrender. It’s a super fast paced world at the moment and with my work with Joe, I am re-learning a lot of what has been forgotten along the way.

Has their been any bursts of creativity throughout your process of receiving treatments at Elysia? Has it helped expand your ability to show up musically, and in working with other artists?

Yes for sure. I was about to begin production on a record and Joe did a treatment that gave me clarity and unblocked me and allowed me to be really rooted in my communication and power. Suffice to say, it was a successful experience.

I take some herbs for mood and detox and clarity but it’s only when I am feeling cloudy.

What is the single most important piece of advice you would give some one seeking a more meaningful and healthy life through acupuncture and mindfulness?

Don’t dabble in it. If you’re gonna do the work, DO IT. It’s like any practice. You need to show up regularly or it won’t work.

Creatively, what project you are most proud of these days?

The ambient music I am recording and performing for the purposes of meditation, sound baths, ceremony and film score. It’s very rooted in an intention to create a space to quiet and calm oneself. I love creating it and sharing it.

Do you have a morning ritual?

Actually, I have a new journal that I write in every morning and night that I found at Elysia. It’s been a wonderful way to start the morning with positive affirmations and gratitude but more interesting is the reflection on my day when I go to bed. I think that has been very powerful for me. I am a grateful dude in general but I don’t always take time to reflect on that unless I’ve acted like an asshole or screwed something up. It’s nice to reflect on the positive stuff just because!

Why Topanga?

I enjoy driving! Just teasing. Topanga because it is quiet, quirky and charming and the oaks I live under have been amazing teachers!

Favorite musical artist right now?

Always Radiohead though I have been listening to a lot of 60’s and 70’s singer songwriters like Nick Drake, Lee Hazlewood, J.J. Cale and Tim Hardin  (just saying his name makes me emotional).

Any last thoughts on the importance of self-care, especially as it relates to the music industry, (or “the industry” that is Los Angeles) and how to upkeep, maintain, and encourage it?

Look, we can spend the money now on eating well, living well, sharing well, breathing well, drinking well or we can spend it later, being sick. Fuck that! I’d rather be broke and healthy than rich and sick. All that being said, I am gonna be rich AND healthy! Wait, I AM rich and healthy! J

Words to your younger self?


Story by Ruby Corley, Photos by James Branaman.