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One might recognize the strikingly beautiful and creative Ally Walsh from the likes of their favorite online shops and storefronts, or they may recognize her from the local Mercado Segrado as she prepares ‘Sex Dust Lattes’ made with her very own Canyon Coffee, a business she started alongside her boyfriend this past year.

A Jill of all trades, Ally has a vibrant, effortless, and wholesome attitude about food, her love for nature, and an appreciation for the finer more ritualistic moments. Her presence is noticeably bright and her natural demeanor is almost shockingly that of a tomboy. Keenly self aware and humble, her desire for a purposeful life is apparent, and her positivity about all things, big and small, is contagious.

I was fortunate to be able to ask Ally about a few of the ways acupuncture has helped nurture her continuous positive energy, and how it’s abetted in managing such a full life.

How did you find Elysia Life Care, and what was your experience receiving acupuncture for the first time?

I met Maria and Joe through our late friend and teacher, George Falcon. I remember walking out of my first acupuncture treatment with Maria, and feeling so relaxed. I slept the best I had in months that night, too!

Did you have anything specific going on that you sought to remedy?

Aside from wanting to sleep better, my menstrual cycle was irregular and as a result my hormones were imbalanced. Maria helped me stabilize, which in turn had positive effects on all aspects of my life!

How often do you receive acupuncture and what effects have you noticed over your time working with Maria?

Ideally, I see Maria once a week. It really is the best form of medicine, in my opinion. It just helps me stay balanced and healthy. I really prefer it to the more conventional way of Western medicine, where you wait until you’re sick before you go into a hospital. Instead, going to acupuncture is like a re-charge. When I’m able to get into Elysia consistently, I really feel the benefits.

I know you work a ton, and travel a lot. Has acupuncture helped with jet lag and traveling? How do you keep up the consistency acupuncture requires while also managing your busy work schedule?

Definitely helps with jet lag and traveling. Keeping consistency with the schedule can be difficult sometimes, it helps to always book my next appointment after each treatment. Also, it’s really amazing to have the benefit of Maria’s knowledge of herbs and tonics. If we know I’m going to be gone for a while or unable to get in for treatment, Maria always prepares me a custom blend of herbs to help keep me healthy and balanced.

What are some essentials in life, along with acupuncture?

Yoga is essential to me. It really helps me stay in balance and keep my body strong. I love living next to the ocean and always take advantage of it… long walks, reading, swimming. And then I have my rituals. Meditation, black coffee in the morning, making herbal teas, using adaptsogenic’s, (some of which I get right from Elysia), and going to the farmer’s markets every week.

I also know that you’re a foody, I’d love to hear more about what you’ve learned from Elysia in regards to diet, health, or conscience eating.

Everyone’s different, but for me it’s eating smaller meals every three hours and balancing my blood sugar throughout the day. Maria helped me really become aware of that and the importance of getting all the nutrition I need on a daily basis. I stay away from sugar, and have incorporated fish and eggs into my otherwise vegan diet.

Favorite restaurants?

Right now I would say Nekko, Gjusta and Honey Hi

Favorite at home snacks?

Figs, sweet potatoes, and almond butter.

You live such a beautiful life, describe your perfect day for me.

Wake up. Almond butter toast and coffee at Gjusta. Beach day with a good book. Come back in for yoga. Rosé on the porch with friends, and then we’d all make dinner together 🙂

Story by Ruby Corley, Photos by James Branaman.