April 2017

With fertility, there is a tremendous amount of focus and energy that goes into prepping the body and mind towards its most fertile state. Once new life enters the womb, all that energy previously funneled into getting pregnant now goes towards growing organs and tissue and sustaining the pregnancy, if it is a healthy one.  (more…)

With beauty, serenity, and open arms, Elaina Bellis lets me into her home to speak a little bit about her pregnancies, hardships, wellness regiments, and favorite foods. As a healthy mother of two beautiful one year old twin girls, she has a great deal of insight about the benefits of acupuncture and other wellbeing regiments during and after her births. As I sit with her over a meal of freshly prepared organic chicken fajitas (which I initially declined but then couldn’t help myself over), she opens up about some of the challenges surrounding her physical and emotional life as a result of trauma’s she’s experienced over the last few years.