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Embodying the lifestyle and philosophy of Elysia Life Care has been nothing short of miraculous for Stephen Fisch, who speaks passionately with me about his transformative experience and lifestyle. Before beginning our interview, Stephen shares with me a little background story, and the moments that helped him find this healing space.

Stephen first discovered alternative medicine almost twenty years ago. After struggling to find healing by use of conventional doctors, following a car accident, he began to seek out other remedies. An orthopedic surgeon referred him to a medical doctor uniquely trained in both western and eastern medicine. His preconceived skepticism of eastern medicine faded as he experienced relief and virtually no pain about six weeks after receiving his first acupuncture treatment. However, much time has passed between then and now, and a multitude of western preconceptions and medications had kept him from going back.

“This is not just about acupuncture, it’s about treating the whole body,” he tells me as we sit together in the same room where he’s just received treatment. The nature of Elysia’s philosophy is proven by his first consultation with Dr. Joseph Clark, as being a one-hour walk through Santa Monica. He tells me why something as unconventional as walking and talking, aids in developing a trusting relationship and provides a greater and more personalized landscape for approaching future treatments. This, he says, is the basis and true essence of Elysia Life Care. Looking at the whole terrain. In other words, we are the sum of all our parts, and like synergy–what might be presenting itself here, is most likely originating somewhere else.

Stephen’s meeting with Dr. Joseph Clarke was driven by a desire to remedy his Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, but very quickly grew into something bigger; a connection between and in relation to his overall lifestyle, one that encompassed his diet, exercise, health, and wellbeing beyond acupuncture and ADD. Giving up sugar was admittedly the hardest part, and letting go of an identity surrounding his love for sugar was even harder. Nonetheless, Stephen has evolved into fully accepting a multi-modality approach to health care, including eastern medicine and its roots in science, and by embracing this philosophy, lives a life free of prescription medicine and refined sugars. He has reached an optimal sweet spot by combining physical therapy and a disciplined diet, with hiking, yoga, and acupuncture.

In line with this philosophy of change and growth however, Stephen was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer about two years ago and is participating in a “watchful waiting” study at UCLA. And so the opportunity to navigate the terrain of his body, presented itself again. Dr. Joe Clarke and Dr. Nasha Winters (consulting oncologist) have come together in constructing a personalized and custom made health regiment, where the whole body is mindfully considered and treated. By diligently following their guidance, Stephen strives to live a life free of pain, and full of trust. Stephen’s gratitude for Dr. Joseph Clark is powerful and it permeates throughout the whole room. He tells me with certainty and peace that, “everything we need, presents itself in its natural state around us”.

If you find yourself in the healing space of Elysia Life Care, there is a photograph taken by Stephen himself, hanging in one of the rooms. The photo evokes a sense of tranquility and synergy with nature, hanging proudly as a symbol of gratitude for the miracles and freedom that Elysia Life Care has generously and mindfully granted him.

Story by Ruby Corley, Photos by James Branaman.